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Since most civil lawsuits are handled in state courts, many practicing attorneys never even enter federal court. If you are involved in a dispute where federal jurisdiction applies or a federal case has been brought, you need an attorney who is more than simply acquainted with federal law and federal rules of procedure. William Fanciullo litigates cases in the federal court system. He understands the many nuances, advantages and disadvantages of federal court, and is prepared to represent you in all civil matters.

Understanding federal court jurisdiction

Not every case can go to federal court. This is because the court only has the power to hear certain cases. This power is known as jurisdiction.  Federal jurisdiction can be extremely complex, but most of the civil cases that end up in federal court fall into the following categories:

  • Diversity. The parties live in different states.
  • Federal question. There is an issue of constitutional law or federal statutory law that a court must rule on to decide the case.
  • Suing or being sued by a federal entity. The case involves the federal government.

When to choose a federal court

Some civil lawsuits must be and some can and should be filed in federal court. Federal court may offer:

  • More favorable discovery rules
  • A more neutral forum
  • Favorable precedent binding on the court
  • The right to jury trial for specific cases
  • Speedier trial
  • A broader jury pool

An experienced federal court litigator will fully explain whether your case should be filed federally or removed from the state court to the federal system.

Contact William Fanciullo, an established and successful federal litigator.

To schedule a consultation with a seasoned federal court trial attorney, call Law Office of William Fanciullo at (518) 339-3389 or contact him online. His office is conveniently located in Albany and represents clients throughout New York, and the federal system.

The Law Office of William Fanciullo is located in Albany, New York and represents clients throughout New York State and the national federal system.

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